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"Uli is an amazing storyteller, period.His ability to deeply understand people make him a remarkable resource for everyone involved in the fundraising process.If you're anything like me and tend to overthink things with that extra critical and logical voice in your head, do yourself a favor and book a session with Uli immediately.He will make your story shine, you won't regret it!"

Frank Gu

Founder & CEO of Goof Sports

Founder of Oats Overnight



How Eoin went from 21 NO’s to 4 Term Sheets and Oversubscribed in 8 weeks

Eoin Bara

Founder & CEO of Tipple

Raised $1.8 million

How Deniz and Felipe signed Hashkey as Lead Investor in a dried-up Web3 funding market

Deniz Omer

Founder & CEO of Alphaday

"Working with you is fun which makes it more digestible but it's also profound in its clarity.To be pointed to what's REALLY important is what I find most helpful.Plus insights from the other side/ investor perspective.I also noticed you step in whenever we are stuck at some point (which then threatens to disrupt the flow of our session) and sprinkle in some creative thoughts"

Kristina Heinemann

Founder of Nomadi


High-Status Investor Communication

How Carlos used High-Status Emailing to close his dream investor in 48 hours

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Elevator Pitch

How we transformed Rob's elevator pitch from head scratcher to door opener

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